If you remember 1969 than you will agree with what I’m about to say. If you weren’t around in ‘69 than ask people who were if it’s true. It was the year that stunned the world into silence. For a full week 90% of the worlds population was glued to a TV. It was Apollo 11.  Some say it was a hoax. But the worldwide admiration & respect for America in those days wasn’t a hoax. Today we’re 20 trillion dollars in debt and losing respect fast.  The decline is as heart breaking as it is dangerous. And the reasons are as vast as they are complex. But here are two simple observations about government that may help explain it.

1. SUPERVISION OF POWER. We all want government to protect us. So we bestow government with the power to do so. But power corrupts. And the only way to control it is for we the people to endlessly scrutinize our leaders. Today the percentage of us who can just name our elected officials rounds to zero. We’ll spend more time scrutinizing our next pair of shoes than any politician. The result is an entirely un-supervised government. In lieu of supervision we trust. And in the shadows of that trust…

2. LIMITS OF POWER. A respectable nation requires that its people also have self & mutual respect. But these virtues can only come from the heart & soul and can’t be enforced.  Government can enforce behavior, but without respect, lawlessness just finds clever & endless ways to manifest itself elsewhere.  This syndrome creates a vicious cycle leading to ever increasing & un-affordable government. In the end only our resources disappear… but our problems don’t.

There are many reasons for American decline but who would disagree with these two simple observations? If we prioritized the threats to our country starting with the worst, un-supervised unlimited government should top the list. But what politician ever says “don’t trust me” and “respect yourselves & each other”? Instead they almost invariably tell us to trust them. We’ve been betrayed. We call that treason. Lets call it what it is. We the people have failed at our responsibility to maintain a healthy government. But our mistake doesn’t excuse government of its crimes. Everyday government dismantles more of its constraints and grows larger. In our national anthem we sing of freedom, but that kind of liberty no longer exists. We should reword the anthem to the land of the “used to be” free so we don’t look so foolish. The whole world is laughing at us. And the only ones laughing harder than the rest of the world are the crooked politicians and the elite.

We need a government & governors who tell us to scrutinize them and to respect ourselves & each other. Thankfully there’s good news. Governments’ greatest betrayal is its most guarded secret; legislators hold power with only 3% of the electorate and are easily overthrown. If you trust government you don’t have to do anything. If you’re concerned, visit our “campaigns” and “voting info” pages to learn more.




Americas claim to fame is limited government.  We proclaim this freedom in our national anthem.  Liberty is our standard.  But today most Americans feel that America has become the “land of the used to be free”.

We all want government to protect us.  But power corrupts.  And the only way to control the corruption is for we the people to diligently supervise our legislators.  Today the percentage of us who can just name our elected officials literally rounds to zero.  We Americans have basically failed in our responsibility to supervise government.

A parent can’t justify the disrespect of a child by arguing that the child disrespected the parent first.  The parent holds the power.  And that power obligates the parent to hold the standard.

Likewise, government holds power.  And that power obligates government to uphold America’s standard.  But the percentage of regulators who fight to limit government also rounds to zero.  America has been betrayed.  And we have a name for betrayal of country.  We call it treason.

The people’s mistake doesn’t excuse government from its crimes.





Everyone knows that Americas in trouble.  We all say that what’s happening is so sad, or it’s such a shame.  But this understatement reveals our denial.  We’re going to lose our country, our freedom, our assets, and our future.  America will end in desperation where it began.  That’s not a shame or sad.  That’s a tragic disaster of epic proportions.  We need to get out of denial and start articulating the danger with accurate language.  The words we use reveal our mindset.  And the mindset is that we don’t see the true extent of the danger we’re in.




Government requires warnings on everything from exits to extension cords.  But the greatest danger we face comes from government itself… so where are the warnings for that?

The truth is that government doesn’t do anything to warn about the danger of government, and since it’s fully aware of the danger, the omission is deliberate.




The price of freedom is imperfection.  The price of perfection is extinction of liberty.  Liberty requires that we don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.




A “government of the people” requires people to be involved.

People say they don’t have the time for this, but that’s the point of priorities.

People say there is nothing they can do and that’s exactly what government wants you to believe.

People say that it’s always been this way and it always will be.  But yesterday America was born free, today freedom is in decline, and tomorrow it will be gone.




Money is the root of all evil and it’s also the gateway to incompetence & corruption.  As such legislative service should be as an honor & privilege alone and without compensation.

The only way for we the people to detect corruption is to follow the money.  We believe that the only trustworthy politician is one who makes their voting record easily accessible on their website.



America is being overrun by haters, takers, regulators, and traitors.  There is a silent majority of patriots, but the heavy price of silence is irrelevance.




Socialism works great on paper.  The plan is to provide a decent life for all by closing the class gap through redistribution.  But the plan fails when put into practice because it dissolves every incentive to produce.  The lower class is coddled and the upper class tires of working hard for others.

A republic works terrible on paper because it’s based on capitalism.  The rich get to keep their money while the poor are left to fend for themselves.  But republics prosper for the same reason that life does… natural selection.  The incentive to get rich drives production which creates opportunity for all.  Republics only fail because they’re too successful… and prosperity is a dangerous mind-altering drug.

Life thrives because survival evokes responsibility.  When survival is threatened, people automatically take responsibility into their own hands.  It’s this personality responsibility that made America so successful and prosperous in the first place.  But prosperity fosters indifference, and this has put us all into a stupor.

We are all busy building a future in a country that has none.  A strong nation requires a “government of the people”, but “the people” retired long ago.  America is calling on her patriots to defend her but we’re all in a daze.




In 1964 my cousin Janet was in the first grade.  She carried the American flag in a presentation in her school auditorium and accidentally let the tip of the flag touch the ground.  Our Grandpa Deluca, an immigrant from Italy, immediately launched himself from the spectators directly to her.  In front of the entire crowd he gently lifted her arms and then knelt down and kissed the flag.  This is the kind of patriotism that made America a great nation and the kind that’s missing today.  This story is simple yet profound because it speaks across the ages to America’s future, which hangs in the balance.




America became a great nation based on a government of the people…  the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker.  So long as we select our president & leaders from the elite, America will stay in decline.