Do you remember Apollo 11?   Some say it was a hoax.   Either way, America was largely admired & respected at that time.  Every American felt the pride.  Today we’re $25 trillion in debt, and largely despised.   America has gone from Apollo 11, to 9/11, to Chapter 11, all in half a lifetime.   The decline is as heart breaking as it is dangerous.   And the reasons are as vast as they are complex.  But there are some fundamental principles that are hard to ignore.

America declares itself as the land of the free even though it’s not. But America did teach the world some important lessons about freedom. One is the extraordinary dangers of a completely un-supervised government. Another is that freedom is not free.

1. SUPERVISION OF POWER. We all want government to protect us. So, we bestow government with the power to do so. But power corrupts. And the only way to control corruption is for “we the people” to manage our leaders. Today the percentage of us who can just name our elected officials rounds to zero. We’ll spend more time scrutinizing our next pair of shoes than any politician. The result is an entirely un-supervised government. In lieu of supervision we trust. And in the shadows of trust, we’ve been betrayed.

2. LIMITS OF POWER. A strong nation requires its people to have self & mutual respect. But these virtues can only come from the heart & soul and can’t be enforced.  Government can enforce behavior, but without respect, lawlessness just finds clever & endless ways to manifest itself elsewhere. This syndrome creates a vicious cycle leading to ever-increasing government. Today we give government ever-increasing power to achieve the impossible. In the meantime, only our resources & liberty disappear, but our problems don’t.

These mistakes don’t excuse government of its crimes. Politicians understand the limits and danger of government. Yet they invariably tell us to trust them. Instead of warning, they brag and make promises. Under the guise of “protection” they amass ever-increasing political power & national debt.  We’ve been betrayed.  Treason is not a mistake or misdemeanor…it’s a capital crime. It’s deadly to all of us, which is why we reserve execution for treason for a reason. Not every politician is a traitor, but there is an infestation on every level from local school board to congress. More than enough to destroy the country. We should reword the anthem to the land of the “used to be free”. At least then we wouldn’t look like hypocrites every time we sing it. The whole world is laughing at us as we tout liberty that doesn’t exist anymore. And the only ones laughing harder than the rest of the world are the crooked politicians and the elite.

Apollo 11, to 9/11, to Chapter 11. All in half a lifetime. The tragic decline is indisputable. And the reasons are as vast as they are complex. What will make America great again isn’t exactly clear. But a clean government is the obvious place to start. Without intervention our destiny is full of all the suffering that drove America into existence in the first place. Without intervention, the breadline awaits us all.



Communism works out great, on paper. It levels the playing field. It makes everything fair for everyone. It seems only right. Why should some have more than others just by luck of the draw. We all agree that everyone should have the same rights & opportunity. We all agree that everyone should have food, shelter, and basic medical care. But these minimums are not enough to satisfy the human spirit. Humans want more. We all also want to improve our lot. We want to be able to improve our quality of life. And that’s where communism falls short.

The greatest creature comforts in life come from hard work. But no one is going to work hard without some incentive. The incentive is that if you compete & win, you get a reward. The reward is that you can get ahead. That’s the virtue of capitalism. By allowing some win more than others, greater creature comforts become available to all. Conversely, under communism no one wins, and we all coexist together with only the most basic & minimum of human needs met.

Too many of us get healthy capitalism confused with crony (corrupt) capitalism. Of course, there is a big difference between the two. The greatest quality of life comes from capitalism that is properly managed & maintained by “we the people”.

The problem with capitalism in America today is that the middle class is fast asleep. We’re not paying attention. We’ve dropped the ball. The 2-party political system wants you to believe that all our problems are founded on race, color, creed, and gender, etc.. It’s not. The war is between the middle class and everyone else.

We need to stop, take stock, ban together, and go to war against big tech, big gov, and all the other giant monopolies that have us under attack.



We don’t necessarily endorse the Libertarian Party.  But we do endorse libertarians.  We define libertarian as anyone, from any party, who shows some respect for the freedom we brag about in our National Anthem, instead of no respect at all.  In other words, a libertarian is anyone who will employ regulation as a last resort instead of the first.  The Libertarian Party is not perfect, and there are no guarantees.  But we are guaranteed by the current 2-party system to all end up on a breadline.



Boycott the two parties:  Vote libertarian…national, local, school boards.  Visit the voting page.

Boycott the monopolies:  Most American’s already agree that the giant monopolies own government.  Stop clicking “I agree” all day every day to their terms & conditions you don’t understand.  There is a reason these terms come on a toilet paper roll and that you need a lawyer to understand them.  Even a two-year-old knows better than to sign this.

Boycott the grid:  The grid means utility companies, big pharma/medical, gas stations, and supermarkets.  As an eagle scout I’ve been trained to “be prepared”.  Every household should be prepared to live off the grid for a minimum of one month per household member.



Deep inside our hearts & souls, we humans all share the desire to be free. That’s why America values “individual liberty”. The problem is that none of us want our neighbors to be free. And that’s one of the foremost reasons why over-regulation is rampant.



A parent can’t justify the disrespect of a child by arguing that the child disrespected the parent first. The parent holds the power. And that power obligates the parent to hold the standard.

Likewise, government holds power. And that power obligates government to uphold America’s standard. And America’s standard is clear. Our standard is in the National Anthem. America is the land of the free. We’ve been betrayed. We call that treason.



Regulators are insatiable. It’s the nature of the beast. There is no amount of regulation that will satisfy a regulator. The only thing that can stop them are votes. Government is like a lawn that gets ugly fast if you don’t keep it cut.



Everyone knows that America’s in trouble. We all say that what’s happening is so sad, or it’s such a shame. But this understatement reveals our denial. We’re going to lose our country, our freedom, our assets, and our future. America will end in desperation where it began. That’s not a shame or sad. That’s a tragic disaster of epic proportions. We need to get out of denial and start articulating the danger with accurate language. The words we use reveal our mindset. And the mindset is that we don’t see the true extent of the danger we’re in.



Government requires warning labels on everything. Extension cords are loaded with them.  But the greatest danger we face comes from government itself… so where are the warnings for that?

The truth is that government doesn’t do anything to warn about the danger of government, and since it’s fully aware of the danger, the omission is deliberate.



The price of freedom is imperfection. The price of perfection is extinction of liberty.  Liberty requires that we don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.



A “government of the people” requires people to be involved. People say they don’t have the time for this, but that’s the point of priorities. People say there is nothing they can do and that’s exactly what government wants you to believe. People say that it’s always been this way and it always will be. But yesterday America was born free, today freedom is in decline, and tomorrow it will be gone. Government has us brainwashed because it is single individuals have altered the course of history over & over again since the beginning of time.



Money is the root of all evil and the gateway to corruption.  As such legislative service should be as an honor & privilege alone and without compensation.  Follow the money to the truth.  Take away the money and the corrupt politicians will be gone.