About this site

I am an architect residing and practicing in Westbury NY.  Every day more Americans become genuinely concerned that America is in decline and that our futures are in grave danger.  This site is devoted to exploring this concern.

50 years ago, America led mankind to the moon, and we were adored by much of the world.  Today we’re 25 trillion dollars in debt and losing respect fast.  What’s happening?

We believe that there’s good news.  Many of our visitors are inspired into action.  And we hope that you’re inspired too.

Caution!  Enter at your own risk.  The language contained herein is engineered by design to evoke outrage… because rage is the only thing that will compel you off the couch and into action.

WEBSITE ORGANIZATION.  The “land of the used to be free” page outlines our broader ideology.  The “campaigns” page details the specific ideology for each of our 3 local campaigns.  The “voting information” page is designed to get out the vote.  This site was launched on 8/2/15 and updated last on 1/20/22.