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Power corrupts and today the two American parties have transformed into one corrupt system that is targeting the middle class.  Every day the middle class works harder for less and the country falls deeper into debt.  Every day the two parties tear the country further in half. The national anthem brags of freedom that no longer exists.  No one is representing the middle class.  We’re in denial.  It’s time to purge the political hard drive.

Every day more people are turning to the Libertarian Party (Lp) for relief.  No party is perfect.  But with libertarians there is a chance for improvement in America, whereas there is no chance under the current system.  Learn more @

There are overt & covert ways to support the Party. Contact Gary to learn more.


Free building banners & lawn signs are available year round.  We design any size & shape you need for interior or exterior.  Contact Gary to order.


The Westbury School Board (Stop the growing school tax):      Temporarily discontinued

N. Hempstead Town Council (DOB):    2021 – Lp currently hold over 1/3 the votes needed for District 1 and growing.  Stay in touch with this website or contact Gary for updates.  District 1 upset will take place on the write-in line with no candidate on the ballot necessary.

Nassau County Legislators (Red Light Cameras):       Temporarily discontinued

VOTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION:     Make SURE you’re registered to vote!

Google  “Nassau Voter Registration Board”

Online Registration Form @: