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This page is all about getting out the vote for each of our three local campaigns.  The ideology and agendas are clearly articulated on the “campaigns” page.  Here we will post & continually update all pertinent information regarding elections, votes, dates, candidates, issues, and breaking news.  All of our candidates are posted here as soon as they get onto the ballet. Your vote alone doesn’t count, but through the network you can shepherd the votes that do.  Before each election we send out an email.  Simply forward the email to your contacts and have them repeat the process.

The email contains the date of the election and the candidate who has signed our contract for endorsement.  The contract is an agreement whereby we endorse candidates in exchange for their commitment to formally & publicly adopt our website & and promote its agenda.


I hereby state that I am familiar with the website.  I hereby state that I agree, in general, with its ideology, tenants and intentions.  I hereby agree to formally & publicly endorse & promote the “Westby School” page as found on the site.  I make this agreement freely & willingly in exchange for the organizations endorsement of my political campaign to run for School Board member of the Westbury School District.  I promise to abide by this agreement.  I understand that the organization cannot endorse my campaign without my promise.  I hereby agree to keep this promise for as long as I am an acting member of the Board.

Date:  __________________

Printed Name: _______________________________________________

Signature:  __________________________________________________



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The Westbury School Board:    5/17/16 – Stan, Pedro, & Sherley all won.  5/16/17 – Karen & Ren both lost.  We have a minority on the Board.  Until we achieve a Majority no improvements will occur.

The Westbury School Bond:   2016 – The bond was defeated.  The bond will be put up for vote again… date will be posted here when available.

North Hempstead Town Council (The DOB):  Nov 2015 – Our candidate for Supervisor lost election.  Nov 2016 – No candidate signed our contract for endorsement.  2017 – Stay current… we plan to have a contract for District 1.

Nassau County Legislators (Red Light Cameras):   This is our newest campaign.  we plan that 2017 will be our first endorsement.

VOTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION:     Make SURE you’re registered to vote!

Google  “Nassau Voter Registration Board”

Online Registration Form @: