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The Republican & Democratic parties have merged into one corrupt system.  Liberty and the hard-working middle class are at risk.  Every day the middle class works harder for less.  We don’t necessarily promote the Libertarian party, but we do promote libertarians.  We define libertarians as anyone, from any party, who shows some respect for the freedom declared in our National Anthem…instead of no respect at all.  The Libertarian party is far from perfect, and there are no guarantees.  But under the current 2-party system we are all guaranteed to end up on a breadline.

SPREAD THE WORD.  Even if you can’t vote you can bring attention and respect for the party by spreading the word to family, friends, & neighbors.

BANNERS & SIGNS.  Free building banners & lawn signs are available year-round.  We design any size & shape you need for interior or exterior.  Contact Gary to order.

AMERICA’S BEST KEPT SECRET.  Politicians hold power with only 3% of the electorate and are easily over-turned.


The Westbury School Board (Stop the growing school tax):      Temporarily discontinued due to lack of volunteers.

N. Hempstead Town Council (Stop over-regulation):    2021 – Viviana Russell is unseated from District 1, but to date there are still no libertarians on the town council.  We started from nothing and currently hold over 1/3 the votes needed to win District 1.  The libertarian ideal continues to grow by the day as more tax-paying voters recognize that they are part of a silent majority.

Nassau County Legislators (Stop Red Light Cameras):       Temporarily discontinued due to lack of volunteers.

VOTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION:     Make SURE you’re registered to vote!

Google  “Nassau Voter Registration Board”

Online Registration Form @: