Red Light Cameras

We all want government to protect us.  And that includes protection from the dangers we face at red lights.  But government means power and power corrupts.  So the only trustworthy government is one that is supervised by the people.  Today the percentage of us that can just name our legislators rounds to zero.  We’ll spend more time scrutinizing our next pair of shoes than any politician.  In lieu of supervision we trust.  And in the shadows of that trust America has been betrayed.

A few people favor red light cameras.  But that vast majority is opposed.  And government knows the cameras are unpopular.  On 5/25/16 I called my Nassau County Legislator to find out her position.  Her office claimed to have no idea and refused to find out.  Government has betrayed the will of the people.

Government claims the cameras protect us.  But the cameras have turned driving into a dangerous game of Russian roulette.  At yellow lights we’re now forced to make a split second decision to slam on the brake or the gas.  Few people trust governments’ claims.

If government were truly concerned about safety it would provide education before regulation.  Yet the cameras were employed without a word.  Few of us trust our law makers.

Our national anthem proclaims America as the land of the free not the safe.  But we’re singing about freedom that no longer exists.  America has become the land of the “used to be free”.  Every time we sing the anthem we look more foolish.  The whole world is laughing at us.  And the only ones laughing harder than the rest of the world are the crooked politicians and the camera vendor.

Red light cameras don’t pose a grave threat, but they do represent one.  An unsupervised government is the greatest danger we face.  Every day less people trust government.  Their intuition serves them well.  We’ve been betrayed.  “Protection” disguises the betrayal.  The betrayal is not a mistake.  And we have a name for betrayal of country.  We call it treason.  Let’s call it what it is.

Thankfully there’s good news.  Governments’ greatest betrayal is its most guarded secret; legislators hold power with only 3% of the electorate and are easily overthrown.  We’ve built an email voting network.  The network is growing and has had success.  Your vote doesn’t count but you can shepherd the votes that do.  Before each election we send out an email.  Simply forward the email to your contacts and have them repeat the process.

The email contains the date of the election and the candidate who has signed our contract for endorsement.  The contract is an agreement whereby we endorse candidates in exchange for their commitment to formally & publicly adopt this website & and promote its agenda.

If you trust government you don’t have to do anything.  If you’re concerned, add your email to our list.  You can also share the website on social media.  And you can track our progress by following the voting information page.