Red Light Cameras

A few people favor red-light cameras. But that vast majority is opposed. So aside from the safety issue there is a greater question. Does government serve the people or do the people serve government?

Government knows the cameras are unpopular. I called my Nassau County Legislator to find out their position. The office claimed to have no idea and refused to find out.  We can’t be surprised.

Government claims the cameras protect us. But the cameras have turned driving into a dangerous game of Russian roulette. At yellow lights we’re now forced to make a split-second decision to slam on the brake or the gas. And if government were truly concerned about safety, it would provide education before regulation.  Yet the cameras were employed without a word.

As big Gov continues to deploy its cameras throughout our communities against the majority, we all continue to sing about “the land of the free”. The whole world is laughing at us. And the only ones laughing harder than the rest of the world are the crooked politicians and the camera vendor. Red-light cameras themselves are not a big deal. But they are a symbol of a grave threat. We’ve been betrayed. We call that treason. Let’s call it what it is because treason is not a mistake or misdemeanor…it’s a capital crime.  It’s deadly to all of us, which is why we reserve execution for treason for a reason.  And as soon as our National Anthem declares America as the “land of the safe”, instead of the “land of the free”…then it won’t be treason anymore.

It is not the intention of this article to debate the merits of red-light cameras. The intention is to expose government deceit & betrayal.  If you trust government, you don’t have to do anything. If you’re concerned, visit our “voting information” page to learn more.