The Westbury School Solution

The Westbury Schools

The school tax goes westbury schoolsup, property values are down, and school performance remains poor. This is a major & unsustainable problem that’s hurting all of us.

Public education must be preserved but today we process students like objects on an assembly line forcing them through the system without regard for their readiness to learn.

This mistake is causing too many teen students to become defiant & rebellious and it has transformed the system into nothing more than an enormously overpriced and dangerous daycare. In addition students who are not ready to learn disrupt those who are. Compulsory education and truancy law have backfired a
nd now cause more damage than good. We need to raise academic & behavioral standards and use them to dismiss teenage students who are not yet ready to learn until they demonstrate that they are ready to learn. Dismissed teens can attend daycare or pursue success in there own way.

Readiness to learn starts with caring and that starts with family & community not school. If public education is not an honor and privilege that must be earned it will continue to be unappreciated & abused. Instead of forcing school onto students we need a mentoring campaign where community volunteers make weekday evening presentations in the schools. The message would be that students are our future and that caring about self & others is the key to success.

Join us in seeking a school board who will apply some tough love and fight for this agenda today.

Gary Spinello

This article will be published in the Westbury Times.


by Gary Spinello

4 thoughts on “The Westbury School Solution

  1. concerned resident says:

    This website is a great contribution to the community and to the country. It explains the issues in plain English and creates a way for the silent majority to organize its collective voice.

  2. Dr. Ronald Spinello says:

    Thank you for passing on the information regarding the death of Larry Wornum. I met him just once at your office, and was taken by his passion. He reminded me of a line backer just before the ball is snapped…stone still but filled with energy. Good for you for writing this well worded and heartfelt tribute. But so sorry about your friend.

  3. Dr. Ronald Spinello says:

    I just read your latest article concerning the proposed mentoring program. This is quite a brilliant and well thought out idea. Your fellow citizens would do well to take note of it a nd force its eventuation. One person , one vote is all it takes.

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