Understanding the Building Department Issues

If you have ever dealt with the N. Hempstead DOB you understand the significance of this crisis. We all agree that standards and regulations keep us safe but government has passed the point of diminished returns and turned its back on the importance and value of liberty.

Over-regulation includes: excessive barriers to filing, whole property evaluations, self protective regulation, blanket regulation, unjustified & excessive penalties/fees/fines, double standard for DOB mistakes, double jeopardy plan review, applying current standards to maintains, regulations on construction not a threat to the public, complicit attitude to excessive state regulations, requirement costs out of balance with construction costs, and irreverence to liberty and private property rights.

I have lived and worked as an architect in North Hempstead most of my life. On 3/11/15 I communicated to Councilwomen Russell that I saw a definitive increase in anger and resentment towards the Town because of over-regulation. She asked me for examples so I sent her the above list and I also suggested that the number of dissatisfied residents and owners could be enough to win council seats and de-regulate. I never heard from her again.

Over-regulation grants the DOB absolute authority with zero accountability and that gives government unlimited power. I suggest that government put forth a detailed and extensive public plan for how liberty is to be honored, revered, served, protected, and maintained.

We also strongly believe that benefits for elected officials is the gateway to incompetence & corruption and as such all officers should serve as an honor & privilege without pay.



by Gary Spinello

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